120 days Free Pirelli Tire Warranty for Damages from Accident”

  1. 120 days free Pirelli tire warranty for damage involving “cuts, bulges, bursts and punctures” (hereinafter known as “This Warranty”) for Pirelli tires imported and distributed by Ice Trading Company Limited.
  2. This Warranty is meant for customers who purchase and replace all four tires with Pirelli tires over a given tire replacement per receipt per vehicle only for official shops and dealers of tires imported and distributed by Ice Trading Company Limited (hereinafter known as the “Company”) Registration must be completed within 7 days after purchase date. from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.
  3. This Warranty covers tire damage involving cuts, punctures, bulges and bursts resulting from sharp objects, impact, collision with the sidewalk or sides of the road.
  4. This Warranty shall have a term of 120 days with the commencement date being the date in the receipt and mileage principally based on the mileage specified in the receipt and the 120 days registration form.
  5. For claims made with new tires under This Warranty, This Warranty shall continue to provide coverage for the remaining duration of This Warranty as counted from the initial date or mileage prescribed in the receipt for the initial tire replacement only.
  6. The Company or shops or dealers of the Company will be the providers of information concerning This Warranty in addition to the conditions and methods for rights claims to entitled buyers covered by This Warranty.
  7. Claimants can submit claims for This Warranty through the Company’s online registration. Claimants must specify the Company’s shop or dealer from which the purchase was made as well as information about the tires (pattern, size, and DOT), vehicle information (brand, model, license plate,  and mileage), and the claimant’s name and personal information, along with attaching the receipt issued by the Company’s shop or dealer.
  8. This Warranty will become effective only once the customer has completed online registration with the Company within 7 days from date of purchase and printed a 120 days warranty form as proof.
  9. In receiving the rights prescribed by This Warranty, the claimant must present the actual receipt and one-year warranty form to the Company’s shop or dealer from which the claimant made the purchase in addition to the damaged tire(s) in order to verify eligibility and entitlement to the rights under This Warranty. The Company’s shop or dealer will perform a damage inspection before submitting the matter to the Company for additional inspection and consideration. Nevertheless, the Company’s decisions are deemed final, and considerations regarding warranty coverage of products are at the Company’s sole discretion only.
  10. The Company and the Company’s shop or dealer will conduct damage inspection and decide whether or not the aforementioned damage can be repaired. In the case that the damaged tire(s) can be repaired, the claimant must pay for all service charges incurred from repairing, including service fees, plugging/patching fees, and wheels balancing fees.
  11. Under This Warranty, no more than four new tires can be awarded to replace irreparably damaged tires for a total value not exceeding 10,000 baht per vehicle per receipt.
  12. Subsequent to inspection, if it is deemed that the damaged tires are covered by This Warranty, new tire replacements will be provided as specified in the receipt (in cases where the same tire brand, model and size is no longer available, the Company will provide tire replacements equivalent to the value prescribed in the receipt. If the new tires that are claimed have a value greater than the original tires, the claimant must pay for the resulting difference with calculations based on the price of the tires on the date of replacement; additionally, the claimant will pay for all potential service fees arising such as fees for recalibration and balancing of the wheels).
  13. This Warranty permits claims to be made on new tires only with no convertibility or exchangeability into cash or discounts.
  14. This Warranty does not cover the cost of damage to other related parts, including but not limited to rims and mag wheels, vehicle damage from accidents, including but not limited to injuries, loss of time, damage from loss of vehicle use, cost for inconvenience while your vehicle is non-functional, loss of benefits from car use, loss of time, cost for inconvenience and any and all related damage as well as damages specified by law, and any expenses involved in tire changes.
  15. This Warranty does not cover expenses involved in the repair and/or patching up of damaged tires.
  16. This Warranty does not include services such as wheel removal and installation, wheel calibration, filling tires, etc. These expenses belong to the claimant.
  17. The Company is entitled to take possession of damaged tires subsequent to tire replacements.
  18. The Company reserves the right to alter or terminate conditions within This Warranty without requiring advance notice.
  19. The Company is not liable to any faults arising from lack of clarity or errors contained within statements.
  20. The Company’s decisions are deemed final, and considerations regarding warranty coverage of products are at the Company’s sole discretion only.
  21. This Warranty does not cover and is deemed immediately terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following cases:
    1. The Company or the Company’s shop or dealer reserves the right to terminate warranty in the event that information about the claimant’s damaged tires and vehicle do not match with information specified in the receipt and/or one-year warranty form.
    2. The damaged tires could not be verified, which includes (but is not limited to) failed DOT (week and year of manufacturing of the tires) verification.
    3. The depth of the tire treads is lower than the Company’s specifications (for sedans, tire treads must be at least 3.0 millimeters deep. For pickup trucks and utility vehicles, tire treads must be at least 4.0 millimeters deep as measured from the tread center of each tire.
    4. Intentional damage caused to tires in order to make claims for new tires.
    5. The damaged tires are the tires claimed under this Warranty.
    6. The damaged tires are damaged only on the outside (i.e., the internal structures of the tires are not damaged and the tires’s fibers are not visible), for example, a tire is scratched on the side such that the tire’s surface is damaged but not to the extent of reaching the tire’s fibrous structure.
    7. The tires became damaged due to improper filling of air such as filling more or less air than as specified by the manufacturer or by running the vehicle with flat tires.
    8. The damaged tires were not properly maintained on schedule (tire switching and balancing every 10,000 kilometers or six months).
    9. The tires became damaged due to using rims or wheels incorrectly or inappropriately for the type of the tires or the size of the tires does not match the original size for the vehicle as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or the tire size was changed such that the tire surface is increased in excess of 20 millimeters.
    10. Overloads.
    11. Chemical or oil damage.
    12. Use of vehicles when the vehicle or the vehicle’s parts are not ready for use.
    13. Tires are damaged by faults in the lower section of the vehicle, wheel misalignment, brake abnormalities, including wheel imbalance and abnormalities in other parts such that the tires are unevenly worn, inconsistently worn, worn in entire sections or prematurely worn.
    14. Product dissatisfaction such as that concerning the noise, strength, softness and/or aesthetics of the tires.
    15. Misuse such as for competition or commercial purposes such as uses in refrigerated vehicles, modified vehicles within additional gas system installations, passenger vans, taxis, etc.
    16. Tire deterioration.
    17. Transfer or removal of products such that the tires are installed on another vehicle and do not match the registered warranty.
    18. Lack of maintenance based on the schedule specified for the given product.
    19. Product removal, disassembly, modification, adjustment or change by a third party.
    20. Inappropriate vehicle uses or use of tires on inappropriate vehicles or inappropriate vehicle adjustments, installations and modifications.
    21. The tires are used on vehicles with modified, adjusted or altered lower sections or modified wheel angles.
    22. The vehicle is used on inappropriate surfaces.
    23. The vehicle is driven by a person with at least 50 milligram percent of alcohol in the blood.
    24. The vehicle is driven by an unlicensed driver.
    25. The tires become damaged due to a natural disaster, weather conditions or fire.
    26. The tires become damaged due to unlawful vehicle usage.
    27. Liabilities resulting from products.
    28. Liabilities to the body, injuries, death and damage or loss of assets of a third party.
    29. Demands are made by a new owner of the vehicle or tires.
    30. Professional liability.
    31. The Pirelli tires are not imported and distributed by Ice Trading Company Limited.
    32. War, terrorism, civil war, rebellion, revolution, government resistance, military coup, public uprising against the government, riot or work strike.
    33. Nuclear, atomic weapons or radioactive weapons.
    34. The vehicle is used outside of Thailand territory.
  22. New tires claimed from warranty cannot be claimed again.

5-year Free Pirelli Tire Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Valid for 5 years from date of production [DOT] (no minimum purchase). The Warranty covers from defects in design, manufacturing, workmanship, and/or materials. Every Pirelli tires imported and distributed by Ice Trading Co., Ltd. is under this Warranty. Nevertheless, the Company’s decisions are deemed final, and considerations regarding warranty coverage of products are at the Company’s sole discretion only. For more information on the terms & conditions, please contact your dealers or Ice Trading Co.,Ltd.